Top 10 Best Hacking Movies List (2022)

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Most of the movies based only on hacking topic are made in hollywood.

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But the problem is that it is in English language. Whichever you want to see, can be seen in Hacking movies dubbed in Hindi. But the desi Bollywood style that is there is not visible anywhere in it. Most of the Indian viewers want to watch such hacking movies which are from their country.

So in such a situation, let me tell you that in Bollywood and south movies industry, there are some such best hacking movies which will take you to a different world of hacking.

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Till date, out of all the movies made on hacking, I have seen 90% of the movies. On the basis of my experience, today I would like to share with you the list of some of the best Hacking Movies In Hindi. And I will also tell you how to download these movies easily.

Top 10 Best Hacking Movies In Hindi

Now some of the best hacking movies have been made in Bollywood and South. Which can be seen in languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telegu. So let’s start the complete list of Best hacking movies in Hindi.

Bollywood Best Hacking Movies

First of all let us know about Bollywood hacking movies. This list of best movies has been made on the basis of public review and imdb rating. You can use Torr Droid App to download any of these movies in just 10 minutes.

1. Mickey Virus 2013

Mickey Virus movie is completely based on hacking. In which there are 5 friends who specialize in hacking. Out of that, a friend Mickey gets the job of solving the case of Cyber Attack Crime with the police. But Mickey does his work for fun, Mickey does not even know and by mistake he hacks the bank account and steals it. You can watch the full movie on youtube to know what happens next.

2. Hacked 2020

No one is completely safe on the internet today. In the coming days, we keep getting to know about the exploits of some kind of cyber crime. An 18 year old boy falls in love with a girl older than him and tracks her every step on his computer. To get the girl, he crosses every limit with his hacking mind. Hacked is the latest movie of 2020 which will be easily found on youtube.

3. Prince 2010

Vivek Oberoi’s hacking movie Prince, which came out in 2010, is a mixture of action, science and hacking. This movie made in Bollywood has told a lot of good things keeping the basis of science. Which gives a unique viewing experience. In the film, Vivek Oberoi’s mind memory is removed and saved in devices like a memory card. Then throughout the film, he wanders in the world of technology for his memory.

4. Happy New Year 2014

I will not say that this film of Shahrukh Khan Happy new year is on complete hacking. But yes, along with action and comedy, the spice of hacking has also been added well. A young boy who specializes in hacking helps him to steal by cracking the security level with his talent.

5. A Wednesday 2008

A sensible film you want to watch with excellent acting by Anupam Kher and Nasruddin Shah. In which there is also the spice of hacking, then you definitely want to see A Wednesday once. This movie has got 90% positive reviews everywhere in Google Reviews or IMDB Ratings.

South Indian Hacking Movies

It would not be wrong to say that hacking movies have been made better in South than Bollywood. South indian hacking movies is completely based on hacking. In which no other spice was added other than hacking.

All the South Hacking Movies mentioned here can be watched online on youtube in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages.

6. Kee 2019

Kee Hacking Movie has told about such a clever hacker who has become a master of the world of programming and coding. He plays with people’s mobile through programming like a child does with a toy. He is able to access any system or is able to make changes in it. But in the midst of all this fun, he has to face some strange consequences.

7. Sid The Hacker 2019

Those who watch South movies on YouTube must know about the Goldmines channel. Just on this channel Sid The Hacker movie was published. The movie is made on complete hacking and an attempt has been made to show a little Hollywood style in it. In this there is a group of hackers who hack important data of social network, telecom sector and bank sector. And wants to use it to carry out his wrong deeds.

8. The Return Of Abhimanyu 2018

People have liked The Return of Abhimanyu the most in South Hacking Movies. Because the movie makers have spent a lot on this movie and made the movie good from all sides. The story is that money goes from a soldier’s bank account. With the loss of money, many difficulties come in his life. Because of which he goes out to find the entire den of hackers who attack cyber.

9. Maayavan 2017

Of all the science fiction movies of South that I have seen till date, I liked Maayavan the best. In this, it is told about a man who, on the basis of science technology, gets alive in another body every time even after death. He makes such a technology that he can activate the memories of his mind in someone else’s mind at any time. And every time he keeps on committing new crimes.

10. Spyder 2017

I haven’t watched Spyder’s movie yet but hacking lovers like it. Before writing this post, I was doing research on the internet, and I came to know about this movie. This film of south superstar Mahesh Babu can be seen on Spyder youtube.

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