Complete Roadmap To Learn- DSA

Roadmap to learn DSA
Table of Contents
DSA roadmap Coderzway 1
Roadmap to Learn DSA


  1. Which Programming Language Should I Choose ?
  2. Data Structure & Algorithms -problem categories.
  3. Easy Level Problems.
  4. Medium Level Problems.
  5. Hard Level Problems.

1.Which Programming Language Should I Choose ?

1 programming language
                                   Beginner Problem
                   Which Programming Language Should I start With ?
Screenshot 2022 12 31 161837
Top 10
Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn !
  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Swift
  • R
  • PHP
Screenshot 2022 12 31 162829
                              Which One's Is Best ?
                              Top 3 Language: C++ , Java ,Python  
                              PICK YOUR LANGUAGE !

2. Data Structure & Algorithm – Problem categories

Screenshot 2022 12 31 164152
Problem Categories

3. Easy Level Problems

Build Your Knowledge-

a. Math problems- At Easy Level

1. Missing Number In Array.

2. Minimum Steps To Make A Product Equal To One.

3. Trailing Zero in Factorial

b. Array problems- At Easy Level
  1. Rotate Array.

2. Majority Problems.

3. Plus One.

4. Array of Alternative +ve and -ve nos.

5. product array puzzle.

6. Large Factorial.

c. Searching problems- At Easy Level
  1. Left most and Right most index.

2. Bitonic Point.

3. Collecting Wood.

d. Sorting problems- At Easy Level
  1. Wave Array.

2. Sort an array of 0’s ,1’s,2’s.

3. Chocolate Distribution Problems.

e. Matrix Problems- At Easy Level
  1. Sort A 2D vector diagonally

2. Search in sorted 2D and not 2D matrix

3. Boundary Traversal of matrix

f. String problems- At Easy Level
  1. Reverse words in a given string.

2. Longest Common prefix.

3. Roman number to integer.

g. Hashing problems- At Easy Level
  1. key pair.

2. Top k frequent elements in array.

3. Intersection of two arrays.

h. Bit Masking problems-At Easy Level
  1. Reverse bits.

2. Number of set bits

3. sum of two integer.

4. Check whether k-th bit is set or not.

5. Longest Consecutive 1’s.

6. Non repeating number.

i. Linked List problems-At Easy Level
  1. Merge two sorted Linked list.

2. Reverse a Linked List.

3. Delete a node without head pointer.

4. Add two numbers represented by Linked Lists.

5. Finding middle element in a Linked List.

6. Check if linked list is palindrome.

g. Stack problems-At Easy Level
  1. Parenthesis checker.

2. Infix to prefix.

3. Restrictive Candy crush.


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