How to make a instagram bot in python

Instagram bot in python
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Today I will show you how to make a instagram bot in python this bot will help you automate instagram with this bot you can post a photo, follow, unfollow people, send messages, like or unlike posts and many other things which you can do on instagram.

I will show you step by step process to make a instagram bot in python It is very easy to create you we will use a python library called instabot to automate instagram it is free to use and you don’t need to have a instagram api for this.

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Things you will be able to do after reading this article

  • Make a instagram bot
  • Automate instagram posting, following and more

Making a instagram bot in python

So let’s make a instagram bot if you are new to python than follow all the steps carefully I shown step by step guide to make a instagram bot in python.

1. Install python

Before we start if you don’t have python installed on your machine then you need to download and install python on your computer you can download python from here download python and remember to check add python to path.

I will be using vs code which is a code editor you can use anything pycharm or jupyter but if you want to use vs code you can download it from here – download vs code.

2. Create a python file

So first you need to create folder and open it with vs code or any other editor create a python file with .py extension write the name of the file and type .py at the end.

3. Install Instabot

Now you need to install the instabot library which you can do with pip which comes with python you need to open command prompt or terminal in your editor at your file location and type this command.

					pip install instabot


This command will install the instabot library and you can use it in your projects.

4. Copy the Code

So now you need to write code in your python file so copy the below code and paste it in the file

					# You need to install and import instabot
# Remember to delete the config folder after each time you run
# or it will give you a error

from instabot import Bot

bot = Bot()

bot.login(username="Enter your instagram username",password="Enter your instagram password")


# Follow users from list.
bot.follow(["activefollower1", "activefollower2"])

# Unfollow user 

# Unfollow users from list
bot.unfollow_users(["username3", "username2"])

# Unfollows all non followers

# Uploads photo to your account.
bot.upload_photo("/somephoto.jpg", caption="Nice pic!")

# Downloads photo by id.
bot.download_photo(["123"], filename="somefile.jpg")

# Downloads photos by ids into given folder.
bot.download_photos(["123","345"], "photos")

# like — Like media_id by id"1231241210")

# like_medias — Like medias from list.
bot.like_medias(["1323124", "123141245"])

# unlike — Remove like from media.

# unlike_medias — Remove likes from medias in list
bot.unlike_medias(["123", "321"])

# like_timeline — Like medias from your timeline feed

# like_user — Like last user’s medias

# like_hashtag — Like last medias with hashtag.

You can run this code by typing this in the command prompt or clicking run button in the editor python

You need to enter your username and password of the account which you want to automate it is safe and you may a get email from instagram about login.

Remember to delete the config folder after running the program each time if you want more information you can see the documentation of instabot – Read documentation here 


So this was instagram bot in python please don’t overuse it your account can get blocked by instagram for spam so don’t overlike or follow someone fast.

I hope you found what you were looking for and thank you for reading this article if you found any problems or errors you can comment them down and if you intrested in more projects than subscribe to our newsletter.

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